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Hicks Mobile Home Park in Clovis, NM

Hicks Mobile Home community, located 314 W. 14th Street in Clovis, NM has 57 full service spaces that provide many amenities.  We have 30-50 amp electrical meters nd full hookups including water and sewer. Our mobile lots offer fenced yards with concrete patios. locked mail boxes, two vehicle off-street parking, on-site maintenance, and over-sized lots with mature trees.

Pets are always welcome!  Hicks’ has fenced yards which provide a safe environment for your pet.   purchase femara online

We know they are a part of your family too. We are located close to schools and restaurants. Historic downtown Clovis is just a few short blocks away. Historic downtown Clovis offers a variety of boutiques, shops, banks and restaurants. Hicks Mobile Home park allows you to take an adventure and still keep you close to home! We are locally owned and operated and we would love for you to come and stay for a while!

Our mobile home community supports our military members!

We welcome any inquiries and would be happy to take you on a tour of our family owned park. And remember, we now offer a 10 percent military discount for all military members. Are you a contractor on Cannon Air Force Base? Good news! We offer military contractors a 10 percent military discount too!

We accommodate mobile homes and back-in RVs and those with or without slide configurations. At this time, we are not able to manage Big Rigs that require a pull-through site.

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